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PartnerPlast Polyurethane Products and Technology

PartnerPlast utilizes one of the best and most versatile polyurethane materials available in the world today. Our Polyurethane is a semi-component unfoamed, soft to touch elastic PU elastomer with outstanding mechanical and dynamic properties. Due to the Polyether polyol formula, the product is highly resistant to abrasion and hydrolysis. The material is compliant with the RoHS directive. The cured material contains no hazardous substances, and will not have any negative effect on the environment.

Possible applications are Abrasive protection, Boat fenders, Shock- and vibration dampers, Clamps, Cable Protection, Bending strain relief, Bend restrictors, Protection covers, VIV stakes etc. Product range from small parts weighing a few grams to larger items weighing several hundred kilos. The material is highly suitable for offshore and subsea applications.


Our system allows adjusting the hardnesses between 60 Shore A and 75 Shore D. It is also an option to mix several hardnesses in one product, e.g. combining high strength with good impact protection properties. It is possible moulding in various types of reinforcement (metals, fibers, wood etc) and threaded inserts.

We can manufacture and deliver in a variety of standard colours, such as yellow, red, orange, black and blue. Other colours upon request.

Subsea Cable Protection

PartnerPlast manufactures Duct Subsea Cable Protection for abrasion- and dropped object protection, J-tube seals, Bend Restrictors and Cast Iron protection elements for protection against wear and overbending during installation.

PartnerPlast Duct Cable Protection has been designed to fit a wide range of cable or umbilical diameters. Grooves on the inside of the elements and the slots underneath the band recess, together with the flexible PU material, allows the cable protection to be compressed when the band is tensioned. The elements are interlocking, and it is possible to build an infinite length of protection around the cable or umbilical.

The duct cable protection protects the cable against abrasion and damage due to impact from dropped objects, rock dumping etc. Design life is minimum 25 years and the protection units are not influenced by varying water depths.

For extreme durability or when the PP cable protection is used in harsh environments, we can offer heavy-duty material with considerably better performance than the standard elastomer.

Cable protection is supplied with Smart Band reinforced bands and buckles as standard. Other band solutions may be used upon request, such as Inconel or titanium.

06. Cable_Protection


PipeMat is a mat made of High Density Polyethylene pipes, and is a low-cost alternative to the MudMat. PipeMat may be used as subsea support, landing and positioning device or seabed/ pipeline/cable protection for light loads. The PipeMat is without sharp edges and rigid parts and is therefore a safe alternative to similar installation and protection products.


PipeMat can easily be rolled up for transport and storage.


Clamping Solutions


We manufacture a large range of clamps and bundles for securing cables or umbilicals to pipelines or risers during installation. Some examples are Piggy Back Clamps, Cable Bundles, Riser Clamps etc. We use Heavy Duty Polyurethane materials to ensure light weight products with high strength for fast and secure manual installation as well as excellent performance.

A selection of clamps is available as standard, or engineered to order, in accordance with customer requirements. The clamps are all supplied with a variety of bolt- or banding solution for effective assembly and installation. As an option the clamp can be reinforced with fibre reinforcement or a metal skeleton to increase strength.

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