Satellite-based GPS equipment tracking has been around for years, but for many equipment types, previous hardware options were too big or expensive. With its compact size and tough build, the GT0 is ideal for all types of field equipment and shipping containers. The device, paired with Geoforce’s Track and Trace webbased software, helps minimize lost revenue, recover lost and misplaced equipment, reduce underutilized equipment, verify billing, and efficiently retrieve and manage inventory.



  • World’s smallest industrial-grade GPS satellite tracker
  • Long battery life
  • Optional mounting bezel for added protection and ease of install
  • Hermetically-sealed construction for high reliability



  • Requires no user based maintenance
  • Allows for placement in almost any orientation on an asset
  • Designed to fit on small, remote assets
  • Multiple reporting modes available
  • Fast slap and track deployment
  • Unique QR coding for mobile scanning of product information



  • 100% satellite-based communications for visibility in remote locations
  • Worldwide communication without complex data roaming agreements
  • Fast deployment anywhere with no additional infrastructure


Geoforce GTO Industry Proven GPS Tracking Technology