Drum Dimensions: Core ∅ 1400 mm

Flange ∅ 2500 mm

Drum Width 1400 mm

Drum Style: Cantilevered, open core

Hydraulics: Max. Pressure 210 bar.

Flow up to 100 l/min (6.5 rpm)

Max Line Pull: 5000kg

Motor/Gearbox/Brake: SAI GM1-250-D40-F10-R13

Motor displacement – 243cc/rev

Gearbox ratio – 7:1

Slew Ring Drive Ratio: 9:1

Control: Walvoil SD18 Motor Spool spring centred. Relief valve set to

170 bar

Rotary Union: Optional (Deublin twin port hydraulic)

Couplings: Supply & Return .” Parker 61 Series, Drain ó” ISO7241B

Frame: Welded steel Channel skid, Box section top lifting frame –

Pad eyes x 4

Dimensions: 2400 mm W x 2900 mm D x 2900 mm H

Weight: 5000kg Tare, 10,000kg Gross


Equipment is supplied as seen where seen.


Please contact Greigmasson@orcasubsea.com for any further questions or Refurb options.

Hydraulic Umbilical Reel

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