MudMat® is a heavy-duty polyurethane (PU) mat developed for use both offshore and onshore. The mat can be utilised as subsea support, landing and positioning device or as seabed, pipeline and cable protection. The design is based on offshore experience and the requirement for a multi- purpose flexible mat.


The MudMat® may also be supplied with steel reinforcement.  Certified lifting slings have been integrated in the MudMat® during fabrication resulting in the production of a mat that is robust and easy to handle. MudMat® is available in several standard sizes and weights. The MudMat® is bundled for easy storage and transport. Custom made solutions can be provided on request. 


MudMat® Reinforced has been developed for special purposes. 


MudMat® Reinforced is equipped with moulded-in steel reinforcement which ensures increased stiffness, weight and robustness. It will also provide increased stability of the product during subsea operations. 


MudMat® has an expected life time of minimum 20 years (given intact condition) based on a typical seabed with low temperatures and reduced UV exposure. 




MudMat® - Heavy duty protection mat