Capacities from 17 to 75mm AF

Working pressure 700 Bar

Compact & easy to use

The improved NS range of hydraulic nut splitters offers a choice of 5 models suitable for hexagon nut AF

sizes from 17 to 75mm (M10 to M48 bolt sizes). The revolutionary design incorporates a hardened steel

linkage that ensures the blade cutting edge is kept parallel to the nut throughout the splitting process

which improves operational efficiency and more importantly, blade life. Designed to easily split corroded

nuts up to RC44 hardness, Hi-Force nut splitters offer the ideal ‘cold cut’ solution for removing worn or

corroded fasteners, especially in applications where ‘hot work’ permits are not allowed. All NS models are

supplied fitted with a unique 360° positional swivel coupling for easy adjustment and fitment in confined



Equipment is supplied as seen where seen.


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